Part of Jim Ewing's vision for his work was that the maps he had developed would be stewarded and cared for by a dedicated 'circle' of expert practitioners.

Circles of people have been a powerful form over the history of mankind. Traditionally they have represented strength and power, built for protection, invention, manifestation or healing. They are marvellous structures. Everyone can see everyone else without hierarchy or rank limiting the view. Circles expand and contract without any reorganisation. Anyone can sit anywhere and partner with anyone else. Circles define a commons for holding all we share.

The Executive Arts Circle are the dedicated individuals who share the maps and vision of service. Everyone embarks on this journey to learn and explore the work and find their niche. Many go on to make this work part of their livelihood. Our Circle helps us stay in touch, invent new applications of our work, inspire each other to make better art, and renew the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance of the circle.

The Executive Arts Circle members are:



Pat Heneghan


Ken Ideus










Graham Leicester


"Years ago, we noticed that
the maps worked from the inside out, the reverse of most consulting processes. They connect our issues to core human experience. We’ve used them in cultures around the world, bringing people together, creating transformation and growth.

Discovery, connection, insight and expression are fundamental to the way we work, and this work enables all four. The Executive Arts Circle is one of our cornerstones."


Mike Heneghan





Frank Crawford



Mark Denton










Pamela Deans


Alan Russell